Up-to-date company proposes to manufacture the exclusive high-quality self-adhesive labels on their own production basis. We use flat-screen printing to produce the self-adhesive labels in roll.

That type of printing is given very many possibilities for producing really exclusive labels. Now, on the world market, we can see very many screen printed label production. All printing works implement on the equipment manufactured by French company SMAG, very well known by theirs precision in the printing work and high quality.

Flat-screen printing machine SMAG GRAPHIQUE GALAXIE-2005 has four printing units, the hot-stamping unit, semi-rotary die-cutting unit and the end slitting unit. The installation and starting-up of the equipment had been done by the best specialists of ”SMAG” company.

The possibilities of the printing on SMAG GRAPHIQUE GALAXIE-2005 are following:

  • Printing by mat and gloss inks on the materials, such as: self-adhesive film, mat, gloss or semi gloss paper and also various types of wine- and metalized paper (to give the possibility of creating of the expressive facture of the labels).
  • It’s possible to use the special mat, gloss, structured and volume varnishes for solid and selectively printing.
  • Very accurate reproduction of small graphical elements and text on low-adhesive (complicate) materials.
  • Covered printing on stamped by metal foil elements gives interesting decorating effects, which impossible to get when use other types of printing.
  • Evenness, depth of the color, non-problematic printing of the opening in solid areas and ideal colors saturation.



Please, send to us following data to calculate the price of the exclusive label:

  • Color quantity,
  • The shape and overall dimensions of the cutting,
  • The rewinding direction + interval between labels,
  • Edge parameters,
  • Appearance of the label,
  • Materials for printing,
  • Core diameter and maximum diameter of the roll.

Also the slitting-rewinding, inspection and counting machine ROTOFLEX VSI is used on our manufacture for cutting and rewinding of the printed production in roll.

The ROTOFLEX VSI high-speed machine for slitting and rewinding of production in rolls is very well known by its reliability.

The company has the preparation laboratory for the inks and for the printing screens.

The well known printers and technologist from Europe had been invited to hold studying for our printers. We have only professional staff in our company.

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