We welcome You to internet page of the ”SFERA” company.

Our company had been established in 2004. Thanks to fundamentally new standards of quality and unique facilities, our company had acquired a reputation as confident and successful on Ukrainian printing market from the first steps.

SFERA company is specialized on printing of exclusive label. Maximum satisfaction of customer’s requirement is the main purpose of our company.

Apply to us. We will embody all of Your boldest ideas!


Up-to-date company proposes to manufacture the exclusive high-quality self-adhesive labels on their own production basis. We use flat-screen printing to produce the self-adhesive labels in roll.

That type of printing is given very many possibilities for producing really exclusive labels. Now, on the world market, we can see very many screen printed label production. All printing works implement on the equipment manufactured by French company SMAG, very well known by theirs precision in the printing work and high quality.


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